Hi! I’m Brooke.

I have:

  • Three kids
  • A handsome blue-eyed, sexy-bearded husband
  • A love for sweatpants
  • An unmet desire to have a clean house
  • A deep satisfaction with drinking chocolate milk

My kids are spirited, feisty little things (the ones who can talk, that is). Despite my best parenting efforts, I receive negative responses from children countless times in a 24-hour period.

I don’t want to put my coat on. I don’t want socks. NO SHOES! I’m not wearing that. No hitting! No candy?! No TV?! No, I don’t want to eat that. I ate it last week, but today it’s the worst food ever. No, I don’t want to go to bed.

No bath for momma. No sleep for momma. No clean house for momma. 

These are my daily frustrating noes that appear small, but after days and days of multiple occurrences, it makes one want to rip his/her hair out, right? It makes me want to say screw it and take my kids to daycare in their panties and a blanket to keep from having to listen to the screaming. Let them stay up until midnight, 2:00 AM, 3:00 AM. Never clean my house again. Who needs vegetables anyway?

But there’s more…

  • No, you can’t chase your dreams.
  • No, you can’t get out of debt.
  • No, you aren’t loved.
  • No, you aren’t wanted.
  • No, you can’t have that job.
  • No, you can’t have a baby.
  • No, they didn’t make it.
  • No, the prognosis isn’t good….

The noes are the struggle, right? For me, it is. I want to control things to result in yeses, but sadly, as the picture of my two-year old (Everly…aka Beans) shows, sometimes we have to face the noes head-on.


So far, this post is not shouting optimism (which is ironic considering that is a descriptive characteristic of my life), but it’s the noes that lead to optimism, right? If there were no noes and everything was already positive, there wouldn’t be optimism/pessimism.

My faith leads me to this optimism. Do we try to turn the noes into yeses…or do we accept the noes as part of God’s plan and get to see Him redeem them all. The little ones…the big ones.

Once upon a time my husband called me Brooke the Encourager. Yes, it was corny then and still is, but I realized something about myself in that moment. I am encouraging. Raising kids is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Why not encourage some others while I’m at it…with a little humor.

So I will take my noes…my struggles…and combat them with what I know. The truth. Maybe tonight, for the sake of this blog, I’ll count all the noes. At some point, we’ll address the optimism. I’ll check back tomorrow. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Beautiful introduction to your life <3 I wrote a post last week on the different gifts of the Holy Spirit. One gift that I didn't know was a gift was the gift of encouragement. It is a very precious gift, don't ever downgrade yourself when you feel lowly or not worth it. I learned from scripture some of the smallest pieces of the body of Christ are the most crucial. <3

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